#9 Mate - Premium Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Bold and Herbaceous - USA Hand Packaged - 60 Cups

The first scent you’ll have from this mate is an herbaceous fresh, almost minty, scent. And once you’ve finished brewing your first cup of our #9 Mate, the scent the greet your nose is almost an apple cider vinegar scent. But when sipping you're greeted by very mild and dark flavor from the cacao nibs and the roasted to mate the rose petals and lavender flowers round out and soften some of the darker notes making this a very approachable tisane. While not traditional, adding a splash of milk can help to cut some of the herbaceous vinegar bite tea can have. #9 Mate makes an excellent morning drink due to the very high caffeine level mates known to have.

Ingredients: Roasted Yerba Mate, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic South American Yerba Mate, Rose Petals, Lavender Flowers