Apple Cinnamon Black Tea - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Rich and Spicy

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Apple Cinnamon Black is a rich yet bright combination of winter and spring. Those days deep in winter where the sun comes out and the air fills with the crips promise of days to come.

Using our favorite South Indian Black tea this blend features more of the base Indian tea than the ingredients list will lead you to believe. This is a simple and straightforward black tea that has a few tertiary flavor notes accompanying the black tea. You can enjoy this tea neat or with a splash of milk. But for something fun, try a dollop of homemade whipped cream! The richness and simplicity of the tea and cream will blend wonderfully.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Dried Apple Pieces, All Natural Flavor, Cinnamon Chips

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Zachary P. (Oregon)
Fruity and Delicious

tastes like caffeinated apple cider!

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