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Plum Spice Herbal (1/2 oz Sample)

Plum Spice is a chorus, or perhaps even a riot, of alchemical ingredients. The first scents you'll notice are the sweeter notes of the coconut, apple, and cranberry pieces. But while brewing the hibiscus, cranberry, and ginger come to the forefront of this tea. This tisane will brew a rich vibrant red due to the hibiscus and cranberries.

Plum Spice, while relying on hibiscus as its core ingredient, uses all of the other elements to pull the hibiscus down into a supporting role when compared to the tea as a whole. Making this is a very approachable hibiscus blend that would work great served hot or cold. And if you want to add something extra, serve with an orange wheel to add a little bit of extra pizzazz!

Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Hips, Dried Apple Pieces, Freeze-Dried Cranberry Pieces, Ginger Root Pieces, Coconut Shreds, Cinnamon Chips, All Natural Flavor, Cornflower Petals

Genmaicha (1/2 oz Sample)

This truly unique classic Japanese tea is made with organic Japanese bancha, puffed roasted brown rice and rice popcorn. If you love slightly vegetal, mild, nutty and toasty flavor, Genmaicha is a tea to fall in love with at the first sip. Our Genmaicha is made with organic bancha tea leaf and twigs that brew into a cup with a less vegetal, smoother flavor than sencha Genmaicha. This type has less caffeine than most green teas. 

If you are looking for a comforting and refreshing tea for a slow sipping, this is a tea for you. It’s one of those teas you could drink as easily as water, but wrapped up in intense aromatic layers of exquisite nutty and green notes. Warming, soothing and airy flavor that brings memories of late summer evenings.

Ingredients: Organic bancha green tea, Popped corn, and Toasted hulled rice kernels

Darling Herbal (1/2 oz Sample)

Darling Herbal Is our one nod to the Valentine season. This herbal tea features of the simple base of Rooibos combined with chocolate chips and a hint of caramel flavoring. If there could be said to be a dessert tea this fits it to a "Tea".

when Brewing this tea we like to spice it up a bit treated more like a cup of hot chocolate with perhaps some small marshmallows or topping of whipped cream. regardless of how you serve Darling Herbal, it's a fun simple way to put a smile on someone's face.

Ingredients: Rooibos and chocolate chips with chocolate and caramel flavor

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