Chai Zip Tea - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Bold & Sweet

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Chai Zip Uses an Indian black tea as its base, which brings a bold and strong flavor profile to this black tea. The ginger root found in Chai Zip offers slight zingy sweetness to the cup and when paired with the cinnamon offers very unique and enjoyable take on a classic Indian black tea. And crowning this tea off is the addition of lemongrass, which brings is subtle and smooth edition of citrus to this black tea which helps to accentuate the tannins and slight astringency that is common to many Indian black tees.

Chai Zip Can be served neat it will also benefit greatly from a little bit of milk and raw honey.

Ingredients: Black tea , ginger root, cinnamon and lemon grass

Customer Reviews

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4825 w.p.t.n.G. (Florida)

Chai Zip Tea - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Bold & Sweet

Trishia M. (Louisiana)
Very mild chai flavor

This is a good tea but the chai flavor you would expect is very mild. While I have enjoyed drinking this I don't think of chai tea while I do. The herbal chai tea from Simple is a better choice if you like a strong flavor in your chai. I added a little agave for sweetness and it made an enjoyable cup of tea.

My favorite chai!

I can't get enough of this chai. I've enjoyed chai in the past, but never bought any to brew at home. So far I've had 3 pots and I'm back to buy more! The richly aromatic blend of herbs, combines with the smooth flavor -- no need for milk! Yum.

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