Cranberry Orange Herbal Tea - Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free - Earthy & Bold

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Cranberry orange herbal is this month's seasonal and fun tea. This tea features the tart crisp seasonality of cranberries and the wonderful tangy notes of orange peels and hibiscus, making this tea a true joy to brew and drink around a warm fire with friends and family.

Ingredients: Cranberries, Orange Peels, Hibiscus, and Rooibos with cranberries and orange flavor

Customer Reviews

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So good!

This is honestly one of the best teas I’ve ever had. I typically hate hibiscus and rooibos teas, I never drink them so I was upset to see this in the box this month, but after giving it a go I knew it was a winner.
The smell is delicious! So fresh and fragrant. The taste was also so fresh, sweet and tart. the ingredients were a perfect combination.
Only negative I have would be there really wasn’t much tea in my bag. There’s dried cranberries and orange peels in the tea, which makes the weight heavier, thus giving you less actual tea. I only got two cups out of the sampler.

Sweet and Tart

Refreshing herbal tea with a tartness ending in sweet. Very delicious! Tried it warm but would be really good cold as well.

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