English Black Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Bold Rich Black Tea

A strong fresh citrus scent is the first thing that greets you when opening this tea. The scent is the same when you cut into a perfectly ripe orange on a perfect Spring day. As the tea brews, the orange calms down and settles into a soft aroma that fills the space around you. 

From the South Indian Black tea, you’ll get just a hint of nuts and caramel on the nose. And the rich and smooth notes all black teas should have. You can serve this tea any way you like, it will be a joy to experience regardless of how you prepare it. It offers a true look into what a simple tea can offer.

Ingredients: Blend of Black Tea

Brew 2 tsp/cup at 200°F for 3-5 minutes