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Genmaicha Tea - Green Tea - High Caffeine - Fresh, Toasted Aroma

This truly unique classic Japanese tea is made with organic Japanese bancha, puffed roasted brown rice and rice popcorn. If you love slightly vegetal, mild, nutty and toasty flavor, Genmaicha is a tea to fall in love with at the first sip. Our Genmaicha is made with organic bancha tea leaf and twigs that brew into a cup with a 

less vegetal, smoother flavor than sencha Genmaicha. This type has less caffeine than most green teas. 

If you are looking for a comforting and refreshing tea for a slow sipping, this is a tea for you. It’s one of those teas you could drink as easily as water, but wrapped up in intense aromatic layers of exquisite nutty and green notes. Warming, soothing and airy flavor that brings memories of late summer evenings.


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Genmaicha Tea





Light, well-rounded flavor with zero bitterness. Soothing, rich and vegetal green tea notes are lifted up by toasty rice, giving a cup that’s warming, aromatic and extremely easy to drink. Light, tingly savory feeling of steamed Japanese green tea and deep aromatic roasted tones. Genmaicha won’t significantly change its flavor or become bitter once cooled down.


Intense toasty aroma with nutty and popcorn notes and a mild fresh background.


Organic bancha green tea, popped corn, and toasted hulled rice kernels


Full flat green tea leaves with twigs mixed with puffed and popped rice. Higher leaf to puffed rice ratio. Light, but deep, vegetal green with a nutty top note.


Use one or two teaspoons per cup of water. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 176°F. You can brew this tea with a higher water temperature too. Re-steep twice. Genmaicha can be cold-brewed. If possible, use either Japanese kyusu or a small glass teapot to make steeping and re-steeping easier.


Drink it neat, or with a bit of brown sugar. To add a sweeter green note, blend with a bit of matcha powder before brewing.


Best served neat, goes well with savory dishes and fish.



tea origin

Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese tea. It was first blended about 100 years ago in the attempt to make tea more accessible to consumers. However, instead of staying just a simple ordinary drink, genmaicha became one of the most popular Japanese green teas worldwide. 

Today, genmaicha can be blended with sencha, kukicha, gyokuro, matcha, and even hojicha. Regardless of the base tea, it will always have a nutty flavor.

ingredients insights:

Genmaicha is blended with organic Japanese bancha green tea and puffed and popped toasted rice. Although the name Genmaicha means “brown rice tea”, genmaicha can be made with both brown or white rice. The most commonly used rice is short grain sweet rice. Organic bancha is harvested from older, more mature tea leaves with less bitterness, less caffeine and more chlorophyll. Bancha contains stems, stalks and twigs that contribute to the lighter, sweeter and less vegetal flavor. 

Genmaicha is a blend of the opposites. It has an intense aroma, but light flavor, vegetal green tea base, but nutty rice…Surprisingly, these opposites work exceptionally well together and give a cup that’s incredibly thirst quenching, comforting and refreshing at the same time.

Genmaicha Tea FAQS

Genmaicha or brown rice tea is a green tea made with bancha tea leaves. Green tea contains antioxidants, caffeine, L-theanine, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. Older, more mature bancha tea leaves contain less caffeine and more chlorophyll. Drinking genmaicha green tea may provide many health benefits, including: boosting energy, aiding weight loss, preventing oxidative damage, providing anticancerogenic activity, reducing inflammation and protecting the teeth.

Green tea is the second most consumed type of real tea, and is often considered the healthiest type because of the high levels of catechins. The most important catechin in green tea is EGCG. Green tea is processed differently than black tea. Once harvested, tea leaves are usually withered, then steamed or pan fired. This step stops the oxidation process and preserves the color, flavor, and benefits. Next, leaves are rolled and dried. It can have a range of flavors – from very light and grassy to strong and smoky, toasty and nutty or floral.


Genmaicha Tea - Green Tea - High Caffeine - Fresh, Toasted Aroma

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