Kashmiri Chai Tea - Green Tea - Medium Caffeine- Earth & Spice

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Kashmiri Chai is a fun take on the classic chai tea. This tea has a strong cinnamon presence that will make it a good choice for sweet tea. You can serve it hot with raw honey or brew it in a "Sun Tea" style with cane sugar for a great way to change up tea time.

Ingredients: Green tea, cinnamon chips, almonds, cloves, crushed green cardamom, and cardamom seeds with almond and cinnamon flavor

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Kashmiri with a kick!

Utterly Fabulous. My ordered arrived today and I opened the tin. The smell was invigorating. Just recently, my ONLY source for Kashmiri Green Chai tea changed but I didn't know and ordered my usual 8 (EIGHT) lbs of it. I cannot start a day without my Kashmiri Chai. And there I sat with 8 lbs of undrinkable sludge. I have since sampled at least nine other green chai teas, some claiming they have Kashmiri spices but all falling rather short of that true taste. And then someone suggested Simple Loose Leaf. Lo and behold, they have a tea called Kashmiri Chai and it LOOKS like my old tea. You can see cinnamon chips, cloves, cardamom pods and the almond chips. I poured my boiling water on the tea in my kettle, and leaned in for a good whiff. It was nothing short of amazing. Finally, it was ready, I poured a cup. It was the proper color and I could smell the cinnamon, I took a sip..........and it was BLISS!

There is a definite cinnamon flavor but you can taste the other ingredients and the BEST thing, there is NO bitterness. NONE. 2 hrs later, still the same pot, I poured a last cup, tasted nearly as fantabulous as the first. I'd give it six stars if I could.

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