Qi Lan Oolong Tea - Oolong Tea - High Caffeine - Light Flavor

Size: 4 Ounce Deluxe Pouch
Sale price$18.95


Qi Lan is usually translated as “strange orchid" and also “rare orchid".

Qi Lan oolongs have less oxidation and are lighter in flavor than many other Wuyi oolongs, such as a Da Hong Pao “Red Robe" oolong. Qi Lan will brew with a golden yellow color and has an aroma akin to an orchid.
This tea is in your first Simple Loose Leaf box as it is something that many tea drinkers have not had a chance to experience. Even if you don't normally like oolong teas, this Qi Lan is worth brewing as it has less of the traditional “oolong" characteristics.

Ingredients: Qi Lan Oolong Tea

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Based on 3 reviews
A perfect introduction to oolong!

I had never tried oolong before getting this in my first tea box, and I loved it! It took me awhile to figure out what this tea reminded me of, and then it occurred to me that it tastes very similar to the tea you get at Chinese food places—and I love that tea! I find the best way to drink it is plain and hot, no sugar or milk. Definitely a new favorite, and I'll be ordering more when I run out.

Ashley L.
Smoooth criminal

Hubby and I had never tried oolong before getting this sample in our first months box. We had no idea what to expect. We had looked up perfect steeping methods prior to trying it out. I found it to be kinda bland with the first steep.(you can resteep this oolong, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT)! After the second steep is where a lot of the flavors started poking their little heads out and saying "helllerrrr" it's by far the most unique tea we have ever tried. It's very creamy and smooth. Mild compared to your typical tea. Hubby takes it with just a little sugar, but I prefer it with a dash of honey and a splash of milk. Overall wereally liked it

Great tea

Great flavor. I added a little milk and honey and it was perfect.

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