Simple Blueberry White Tea - White Tea - Medium Caffeine - Bold and Tart

Simple Blueberry White is first and foremost a white tea. It’s crafted with shou mei tea leaves from Fujian. This type of tea is high in catechins and flavor, but low in caffeine, which makes it the best possible white tea type for making iced summer drinks. Simple Blueberry White is a simple white tea blend, enhanced with only freeze-dried blueberries and cornflower petals. Slightly tart, slightly sweet, deep and bold but overall light. Great for making iced tea.

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Simple Blueberry White Tea

TEA BODY: Medium-bodied




Clean, delicate and fresh flavor with slightly woody and hay notes, sweet white tea finish and bold and light tart blueberry background note that lingers at the back of the tongue. This tea has no bitterness.


Strong, warm, deep, slightly smoky aroma with hints of dry grass, wrapped in a refreshing tart blueberry note.


Ingredients: Shou Mei White Tea, All Natural Flavor, Freeze-Dried Blueberries, Cornflower Petals


Green, brownish-green and white leaves, buds and stalks sprinkled with blue cornflower petals and freeze-dried blueberries.


Use one or two teaspoons per cup of water. Steep for 1-3 minutes at 180-194°F. Shou Mei has big leaves, so try to use a regular teapot instead of tea infusers or strainers.


Drink it neat, or with a bit of raw honey. Great for cold-brewing together with some extra fresh blueberries.


Panna cotta with fresh blueberries or zesty fruit salad



tea origin

Shou Mei white tea comes from Fuding in the Chinese Fujian province, the cradle of white tea. It shares some similarities with two other similar teas – White Peony and Gong Mei. Although the first white tea appeared around 1000 years ago, modern styles were developed much later. Today, shou mei is one of the four most important Fujian white teas.

ingredients insights:

Simple Blueberry White is crafted with shou mei white tea leaves and sprinkled with freeze-dried blueberries and blue cornflowers. 


White tea is the most unprocessed type of tea. After harvesting, tea leaves are withered and dried. However, although it’s called unoxidized, some oxidation is still allowed. Shou Mei is a great example of a lightly oxidized white tea, evident from the darker brownish color of leaves. Shou Mei has less buds and darker leaves than White Peony, which is greener in both appearance and flavor.

 This delicate white tea is best pure or lightly flavored. Freeze-dried blueberries are not only rich in nutrients, but add a refreshing, slightly tart but gentle flavor note to this unique tea.

Simple Blueberry White Tea FAQS

White tea is the minimally processed type of tea. Leaves are only withered outdoors, dried indoors and then sorted. Although the production process sounds very simple, it takes a lot of knowledge to make a high quality tea in only a few steps. This tea is rich in antioxidants, can have both low and high caffeine content and is usually very light in flavor. You can brew white teas using very hot water and re-steep the same leaves for at least 3-5 times.

Simple Loose Leaf is a small, family operation of three siblings (Andrew, Nicholas and Sarah) dedicated to enriching our customers’ lives through a passionate discovery of new tea flavors and blends. The many nuances of tea drinking rival the great wines of history, and we’re right at the beginning of a tea revolution here in the United States. We hope you enjoy your next cup!


Simple Blueberry White Tea - White Tea - Medium Caffeine - Bold and Tart

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