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Simple Coconut Black - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Sweet and Rich

Freshly baked coconut pastry sweetness, rich artisanal caramel and high notes of sweet coconut milk, all while being sugar free - can it get any better? If you love coconut, Simple Coconut Black will easily become your new favorite. It brews into a perfectly balanced cup of unmistakably rich and fragrant black tea, with airy notes of coconut milk and toffee caramel. South Indian broken black tea serves as a base and makes this tea rich enough to use it for making lattes and tea milkshakes. Great pure or with a touch of brown cane sugar. Add a few fresh blueberries or raspberries into your cup and you will get a tea that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

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Simple Coconut Black Tea

TEA BODY: Full-bodied




Simple Coconut black is a black tea blend made for tea lovers that love strong and smooth black teas, but want to add a fresh spark into their cup, without overwhelming notes. Rich and fragrant black tea with notes of coconut milk and toffee caramel. It has zero bitterness, even if you over-brew it, only light and welcoming sweet aftertaste.


Sweet, coconut bread topped with warm melted caramel blended into a strong, fresh and deep black tea background.


South Indian black tea, coconut shreds, all-natural flavor


Small, intensely dark brown broken leaves blended with real coconut shreds. Rich and sweet coconut-toffee scent on top of the rich and smooth black tea base.


Use one or two teaspoons per cup of water. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 205°F. Use a regular teapot, strainer, or paper/cotton tea bags. Don’t over-brew it.


Drink it neat, or with a bit of full-fat milk and brown cane sugar. It blends well with full-fat milk too. If you want to make a hard left turn with this delicious tea, add a few blueberries or raspberries into the cup when steeping and experience a whole new coconut-blueberries/raspberries-pasty flavor. Best served hot.


A slice of baked cheesecake or simple coconut bread.



tea origin

South Indian teas may be less famous than Northern Assam and Darjeeling, but nonetheless exceptionally delicious. Unlike malty Assam or muscatel Darjeeling, South Indian teas are closer in flavor to Ceylon teas. They have a rich, fruity, slightly floral and brisk flavor, and a high caffeine content.

 Coconuts likely originated in India, but today they are grown in many countries. Coconut fruit or a nut can be harvested at different times – earlier when it’s still young for making coconut water, and later, when it’s more mature for coconut flesh. Coconut shreds are dried, shredded coconut meat.

ingredients insights:

Simple Coconut black is blended with broken south Indian black tea leaves and real dried coconut shreds and infused with an all natural coconut flavor.

Rich, smooth and brisk flavor without any bitterness and a creamy mouthfeel make South Indian black teas a perfect tea base for blending with fruity, sweet and nutty flavors. Coconuts, on the other hand, are beloved for their creamy and slightly sweet flavor and used in many cuisines around the world. Even though coconut blends amazingly well with spices and tropical fruits, our Simple Coconut Black emphasizes the natural lightness, creaminess and sweetness of this amazing nut fruit.

Simple Coconut Black Tea FAQS

Simple in our Simple Coconut Black stands for our line of teas with rich flavors, but simple high quality ingredients. Simple Coconut Black is blended with only two ingredients: premium loose leaf tea base, and real coconut shreds infused with a natural coconut flavor.

Black tea is fully oxidized tea. It’s the most consumed type of tea in the world. Once the tea leaves are harvested, they are withered, rolled, oxidised and dried. Withering is a common step in producing tea, used to reduce the moisture content of the leaf. Rolling will break the leaf and speed up oxidation. The last step, drying, reduces the moisture content to a minimum and give the final flavor.


Simple Coconut Black - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Sweet and Rich

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