Simple Coconut Black - Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Sweet and Rich - USA Hand Packaged - 60 Cups


Simple Coconut Black greets you with a freshly baked pastry sweetness when you first open the tea. After the first 30 seconds of brewing, the sweet notes settle down and become more the notes of rich artisanal caramel with the high notes of sweet coconut milk. And the final evolution of the scent of this tea is the removal of all of the high sweet notes and a deep rich caramel scent that comes from the south Indian black tea.

If Simple Coconut Black is too sweet for your taste, add a little bit of milk to pull the sweetness down without losing the richness of the caramel notes. Alternatively, if you want to make a hard left turn with this tea throw a few blueberries or raspberries into the cup and watch how the tartness evolves the sweetness into something completely different.

Ingredients: South Indian black tea, coconut shreds, all-natural flavor

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