Simple Coconut Black - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Sweet and Rich

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Freshly baked coconut pastry sweetness, rich artisanal caramel and high notes of sweet coconut milk, all while being sugar free - can it get any better? If you love coconut, Simple Coconut Black will easily become your new favorite. It brews into a perfectly balanced cup of unmistakably rich and fragrant black tea, with airy notes of coconut milk and toffee caramel. South Indian broken black tea serves as a base and makes this tea rich enough to use it for making lattes and tea milkshakes. Great pure or with a touch of brown cane sugar. Add a few fresh blueberries or raspberries into your cup and you will get a tea that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Customer Reviews

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Jamie B. (Texas)
My Dream Tea

I got a sample of this tea as a gift at Christmas. I felt like I waited a whole lifetime to get “the big kid cans” but man!! Am I glad I did! Best tea ever, keep doing what you do!

Jennifer Z. (Virginia)
Rich, full flavor

Delicious, dark black tea! Very strong caramel and vanilla notes but the coconut flavor isn't very strong. Surprisingly complex. Makes a perfect dessert tea when you crave something sweet.

Jacqueline P. (North Carolina)
Coconut black tea


Lydia F.

I love this one! Just a touch of sweetness and a hint of nuttiness that accents the black tea so well, yet it’s not too sweet as to feel sugary. Very balanced and a great twist on a classic black tea.

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