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If you are the kind of person that dreads the spring allergy season then Spring's Relief might just be the tea for you! But really, Spring's Relief combines a host of common herbs to make a strong cup of tea that will help to soothe your throat and clear up your sinuses. The peppermint oils will do wonders for your breathing and the licorice root, hibiscus, eucalyptuses, and tulsi will help boost your immune system.

Spring Relief isn't a cure for what ails you but it will help make the day just a bit easier. We'd recommend drinking this tea hot with maybe a touch of extra organic honey.

Ingredients: Licorice root, honey bee pollen, peppermint. hibiscus, eucalyptus, tulsi (holy basil).

Customer Reviews

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Gene L. (New Mexico)
Got to have it.

This tea provides real relief from allergies. It is my every day morning routine routine. I seldom take allergy meds anymore.

Giuliana S. (Massachusetts)
Uniquely Delicious!

I absolutely love this blend! The dry smell is a tad off-putting, but as soon as the leaves start steeping the smell is amazing and only gets better. I was worried that the licorice might be overpowering, but it is perfectly balanced. The blend of flavors is quite tasty... earthy and refreshing with a note of sweetness. The tulsi really makes this blend uniquely delicious. It tastes like walking through my garden in the morning.

Mary B.
I'm not sure

I'm not sure if it really relieves allergies or helps with them but the tea sure is tasty. Another one that I'll keep in mind my next order!

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