White Monkey Tea - Green Tea - High Caffeine - Hint of Peach

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White Monkey is a full-bodied green tea that features a curled leaf structure with dark green leaves and white downy tips. From China, this tea is going to have a sweet aroma and a light floral nose while drinking it. When brewed, this tea will have a slight peach hint to the liquor, indicative of the slightly bolder tastes.

White Monkey is a tea that is best served neat and without accompaniment. But, if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you can add a small amount of raw honey, though we recommend using one that has a richer flavor profile as opposed to a sweeter profile to better match the darker notes this green tea features.

Ingredients: White Monkey Green Tea

Customer Reviews

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Lydia F.
Nice tea

To me this tea still tastes like a traditional green, but it also somehow has a gentler or more refined flavor. Perfect for a simple cup of tea, I think.

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