12 Best Winter Teas for Cold Weather

Dec 6, 2019
When temperatures start dropping, nothing can beat a cup of hot tea. Whether you just want to boost your immunity, get into the festive mood or simply enjoy a hot drink, tea is always a great choice. From ginger to cinnamon, chocolates and caramels, there are dozens of flavors that can change a dull winter into a magical one, and provide additional benefits alongside.

Best tea for cold weather

Wrapping fingers around a hot mug is one of those pure simple pleasures that can be enjoyed only in cool season. And some teas can offer an extra dose of heat. There is a reason why Indian Chai is the ultimate winter drink. Spices such as peppercorns, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon do not only make it delicious, they bring out the heat too. Spices may increase blood circulation and prevent winter chills, keeping your hands and feet warm and body better protected from the cold.

Best tea to drink in winter

The best teas for winter should be packed with both benefits and flavors. Cool weather, closed and crowded spaces, all make it easier to both viruses and bacteria to spread, potentially leading to common colds and flu. Some teas are packed with antioxidants that may help protect from the nasty sides of winter. For example, green and white tea both contain EGCg, while rooibos is praised for its antioxidant activity and zero caffeine. Rose hip may be beneficial for fighting several types of bacteria, while peppermint may help with enhancing breathing in common cold.

12 Best Winter Tea Flavors

We made a lot of top 12 best winter flavors to bring colors and fun into grey winter days.

1. Apple Cinnamon Herbal

Apple Cinnamon is the most classical of all winter flavors. With real cinnamon chips, apple pieces, a bit of red rooibos for an earthly sweet note and soothing marigold, this blend was created to satisfy the palates of all cinnamon tea lovers. Goes well with honey, milk, and even rum! Ingredients: Cinnamon chips, apple pieces, Rooibos, and marigold flowers with apple and cinnamon flavor

Apple Cinnamon Herbal

2. Winter’s Brew

Nine fruits, two flowers and cinnamonWinter’s Brew is a fruit tea that brings out the joy in every cool winter day. Strong wintery citrus notes are a what makes this tea both unforgettable and truly enjoyable. Ingredients: Papaya, apricot, peach, apple, mango, cranberry, cherry, strawberry, hibiscus, orange peel, cinnamon chips, cloves, and rose petals with cinnamon and clove flavor

3. Black Caramel

Any real caramel tea needs to have a lot of beauty, sophistication and a luscious flavor. Black Caramel combines a strong black tea, jasmine flowers and caramel flavor into a mind and body awakening blend. Try it with a bit of almond or cashew milk.

Black Caramel Tea

Black Caramel Tea

4. Plum Spice

Cinnamon, ginger, plums, cranberries, apples, hibiscus and rose hips? What more could we want for a deliciously warming winter drink? This fruit tea is one of our favorite seasonal flavors, and a step away from the regular cinnamon apple taste. This blend makes a great iced tea too!

5. Cranberry Cider Herbal

Want a twist on the usual apple cider? Cranberry Cider has a subtle sweet cherry, tart cranberry and warm spicy cinnamon flavor, that is both refreshing and reminiscent of warm, mulled holiday drinks. Caffeine and alcohol free.

Cranberry Cider Herbal Tea

Cranberry Cider Herbal Tea

6. Chocolate Chai

Is there a more seasonal drink than Chai? This chai is made from ginger, cinnamon and cardamom and a decaf black tea base. It’s caffeine free and suitable for any time of the day or night. With added chocolates drops for an extra smoothens, Chocolate Chai is perfect for making milk tea. And yes, it’s fine to add a few chocolate drops more, if you ever feel tempted.

7. Winter Berry Herbal

Strawberry and raspberry leaves blended with rose hips, hibiscus and marigolds create this truly winter tisane with zero caffeine. Ingredients: Strawberry leaves, raspberry leaves, rose hips, marigolds, hibiscus and berry flavoring

8. Pumpkin White Chai

Have you ever tried white chai tea before? When you do, no winter will ever be the same again. Delicious, warming, smooth and full of flavor, we dare to say this chai blend is very unique. It’s milder and sweeter than regular black tea chai, contains more antioxidants, and has a less robust, more elegant flavor. And, pumpkin flakes make it even more delicious!

9. Pecan Praline

What do you get when you blend real pecan nuts, cinnamon chips, all natural praline flavor and a strong south Indian black tea? A magical winter drink that can be enjoyed as a latte too. Pssst… This blend works as a pot-pourri too.

10. Crème Brulee Oolong

Crème Brulee Oolong is a flowery, delightful tea with a caramel soul, ready to help to satisfy everyone’s need for dessert. Low caffeine, zero calories and oolong base make it a great choice for snoozy afternoons after heavy meals. Ingredients: Low caffeine Formosa oolong, almond pieces, cinnamon chips, all natural flavor, jasmine flowers

11. Winter Green Rooibos

If you never really got used to red rooibos flavor, but want to enjoy the benefits of this caffeine free South African miracle, try the unfermented green type. With a flavor similar to light green tea, but no bitterness at all, green rooibos is a perfect base for antioxidant-rich herbal winter teas. Ingredients: green rooibos, ginger, orange, mint and eucalyptus

Winter Green Rooibos

Winter Green Rooibos - green rooibos tea blend

12. Winter’s Elixir

No caffeine, just pure winter notes of ginger, orange and mint. Warming yet refreshing, zingy yet lightly sweet, rejuvenating yet comfortingWinter’s Elixir is a blend for any time of the day. Best enjoyed pure or with a bit of raw honey. Ingredients: Ginger root, orange peel, mint leaves, eucalyptus, and ginger orange flavor

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