Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 4, 2021
The best gifts don’t need to be expensive. If they can make your mother smile, and you can do it together, it may be just the best gift you could give. Here are some gift ideas you could gift your tea loving mother and even enjoy them together.

1. Teatime in a box

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a cup of good tea. If your mother loves a good cuppa, surprise her with a teatime in a box or an afternoon tea hamper. Teatime boxes are a perfect little gift to enjoy when she needs some time off. Want to make a teatime in a box by yourself? Add a tin of biscuits, some fresh scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream, and a box or two of her favorite teas.

2. Afternoon tea

If you want to gift more than just a simple teatime in a box, a proper afternoon tea will give you an opportunity to enjoy the time together and indulge in a real feast with delicious tea sandwiches, scrumptious cakes, scones and a pot of favorite tea. If social distancing restrictions don’t allow for a proper teatime just yet, you can prepare the snacks and sandwiches by yourself.

3. Wellness tea box

Tea is so much more than just a drink. A box filled with tea products, including tea face masks, tea bath bombs or salts, and relaxing herbal blends is a perfect gift to remind her she deserves time off to relax and enjoy. Find out what are the best relaxing herbal teas here.

4. Tea subscription

If your mother is an avid tea drinker, these no better way to try as many teas as possible by subscribing to monthly tea boxes. With so many options, you can choose the subscription that suits your mother’s taste. Find out how to choose the best subscription box here. tea subscription box

Give Mom the gift of a high-quality tea subscription this Mother’s Day. 10% off any order, just in time for Mother’s Day when you use the code TEA-4-MOM.

5. Flower subscription

Flowers are always a great gift and no tea time table would ever be complete without a vase filled with blooming flowers. If your mother loves flowers, a flower subscription will bring out a smile on her face not only on just one day.

6. A box of favors

One of the best things you can give to your mother is free time. Even if you don’t live together, make a box of favors you are willing to do to help her out when she needs it, including making her a cup of tea. Help in the garden? Or spring cleaning? Preparing a cup of tea latte? Even small favors count. Write up a dozen of favors and gift them in a gift box.

7. Box of chocolates

Everyone likes to indulge in delicious creamy chocolate. Create your own gift box with her favorite chocolates, hot chocolate powders or flakes and teas blended with chocolate drops.

8. Personalized mug

Large stoneware mug is the best type of mug for avid tea drinkers. Stoneware is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and big enough to enjoy any type of tea – pure green, black tea with milk or a delicious latte. Personalize it with her name or a lovely personal message.

9. Tea plant

A real tea plant in a pot is a perfect gift for a nature loving tea drinking mothers. Tea plants are available from many specialised gardening shops or tea farms and are easy to care for. They make a beautiful addition to any living room.

10. Tea maker

If your mother is always in a rush, a tea maker will make brewing tea very easy and fast. You can choose from a simple brewing mug with a removable steeping basket to electric tea makers with a wide range of options. Find out what are the best tea makers here.

11. Flowering tea set

Flowering or blooming tea in a simple glass teapot is always a feast for the eyes. Blooming teas are available in many shapes and even flavors. Once you steep them in hot water, they expand into a beautiful tea & flower bouquets in a cup. You could gift blooming tea together with a simple but elegant glass teapot so she can enjoy it immediately.

12. A bottle of tea wine

Does your Mom like to enjoy a glass of good wine? A tea wine may be a great and unique gift to give your mother. There are many tea wines available today, with or without alcohol, sparkling or fermented and made from real or herbal teas.

13. Artisanal honey gift box

If your mother enjoys her tea sweetened, a gift box with a selection of artisanal honey will make her every cup delicious and even healthy. Gift a selection of raw and traditional honey, lighter and stronger dark honey to match the flavors of her favorite teas.

14. Fine bone china teacup and a saucer set

The best tea times deserve the best teaware too. Indeed, a cup of high-quality tea will always taste better from a beautiful cup. Bone china teacup and a matching saucer will be a perfect gift for mothers that like to drink traditional tea blends with milk.

15. A tea gift card

Gift card makes for a perfect last-minute gift or if you think your Mom would be much happier choosing the flavors that suit her taste by herself. Gift it together with a personalized card.

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