Blue Lady Grey Tea - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Keto friendly

Blue Lady Grey is a modern swing on Earl Grey, one of the most well-known teas on the market. While the classic Earl Grey tea has an intense bergamot scent, Blue Lady Grey is more gentle, sophisticated, and floral. If you are looking for an in-your-face type of earl grey tea, Blue Lady Grey may prove too gentle, but if you want a dose of beauty, smooth, and light flavor, and a perfect pick-me-up tea with an unmistakable bergamot note, this blend is for you. With two ingredients famous for their relaxing and stress-relieving properties, Blue Lady Grey is a beautiful and sophisticated tea that’s perfect for pampering yourself. High caffeine content from bold and smooth Indian black tea.


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Blue Lady Grey





Blue Lady Grey has gentle notes of bergamot and lavender infused into a full-bodied and smooth black tea flavor enriched with a delicate touch of vanilla and a slight, almost spicy caramel finish. This tea has zero bitterness, only a touch of barely noticeable mouth-drying astringency typical of black teas that leaves a long sweet & floral aftertaste.


Creamy and bold, with a light floral note, and a fresh and citrusy bergamot finish. Citrus notes become more prominent as it cools down.


Indian Black Tea, Lavender flowers, vanilla, and bergamot flavor


Small broken tea leaves with a shiny surface and bluish hue, sprinkled with blue lavender flowers. Deep, almost sugary, fresh and spicy bottom notes and a gentle and fresh lavender top layer.


Use one or two teaspoons per cup of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 200°F. Re-steep once or twice. Blue Lady Grey can be used for cold brewing, making iced tea, tea latte, tea syrups, flavoring cookies and cakes and milkshakes.


Drink it neat or with a touch of milk for even smoother flavor.


Floral honey, cold or frothed milk and sugar



tea origin

Bergamot scented Earl Grey black tea is one of the most popular black tea blends in the world. Earl Grey owes its name to Charles Grey, a British Prime Minister from the early 19th century. After receiving a bergamot scented black tea as a gift from China that he truly enjoyed, he ordered a tea merchant to re-invent it. 


The Earl Grey tea was born. In the last couple of decades, many Earl Grey alternatives became available, with either subtler or intensified citrus notes, blended with other ingredients or made with herbal teas. Before becoming a recognizable ingredient of Earl Grey tea, and because of its unique, intense, slightly floral, spicy and citrus scent, bergamot oil was used in perfumes.

ingredients insights:

In the world of tea, no citrus has ever won so many hearts as bergamot orange. This special type of orange comes from Calabria in Italy. Unlike other oranges, bergamot has a green peel. Peel is used for making essential oil, a main ingredient of Earl Grey tea blends.


 While Earl Grey may be blended with different types of black tea, our Blue Lady Grey loose leaf tea contains smooth and rich broken leaf black tea from India with a hint of creamy caramel and zero bitterness. Smaller leaf particles give a smooth, flavorful and rich base that blends perfectly with floral and citrus notes.

Blue Lady Grey FAQS

Blue Lady Grey of Blue Lady tea is a type of flavored black tea blended or scented with bergamot orange essential oil, but with a gentler flavor than Earl Grey tea. Our Blue Lady Grey tea is a floral swing on the classical Earl Grey tea. It’s specially blended to have gentler citrus notes, more creaminess and a lavender touch. Even though both Blue Lady Grey and Earl Grey are black teas, and both are scented with bergamot, they have a different character. Earl Grey tea is strong on citruses, with a sharper flavor.

Black tea is an oxidized type of tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea is grown in many countries around the world. The most famous black teas come from India, Sri Lanka and China. Black tea can have thousands of different flavor notes. Earl Grey is a type of black tea blend and one of the most popular flavored teas in the world. It’s usually made with strong and smooth black tea leaves from South India or with high grown Ceylon tea, scented with bergamot essential oil. Earl Grey also has differences from English Breakfast tea. Besides giving a delicious flavor, bergamot oil may also add extra health benefits to black tea.


Blue Lady Grey Tea - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Keto friendly

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