Valentine's Day Morning Tea Herb Ideas

Feb 6, 2020
Some love it, some ignore it, but without a doubt, it’s nice to wake up on a Valentine’s Day to a breakfast made with love. You don’t need excessive decorations or a room full of roses and red hearts to make your loved one feel special and cared for. Nice teaware on a simple table cloth, with a cup of good tea and their favorite breakfast you will give them the best Valentine s day gift ever.

Teas to make for your loved one

Valentines Day morning calls for a cup of special tea. Unless your partner doesn’t have a specific type of tea that he/she adores, try one of the following ideas.

Pink Milk Tea with rose petals

Pink tea doesn’t only taste delicious, it looks amazing too. This tea is made with stronger green tea leaves and a pinch of baking soda. However, you will need to wake up a bit earlier to prepare this Valentine’s Day morning surprise. Although it’s easy to make, green tea leaves need to be boiled in water for at least 30 minutes to develop a deep red color. Add a pinch of baking soda in the beginning, and an ice cold cup of water at the end. Milk will change the color to pink. Decorate with dry rose petals. Find the full recipe here.

Rose Tea

Dry rose petals or buds blend well with any type of teawhite, green, oolong or black. You can blend them with the regular breakfast blend and add a few drops of milk, or with strong Assam or Silver Needle tea. Don’t over brew rose tea because to avoid bitternesssomething you definitely don’t need on a Valentine’s Day.

Rooibos Rose Latte

To make this delicious caffeine free drink with a light sweet earthy flavor and a delicate rose note you can use a pre-made African Rose Tea blend or blend pure rooibos tea with dry rose petals. Steep 1-2 teaspoons of rooibos tea leaves in ½ cup of boiling water for at least 10 minutes. Warm up the milk and make froth with a hand frother. Strain the tea into a tea cup, add honey if needed, and add milk.

How to serve the tea

A good cup of tea is not only about flavor, it’s about presentation too. Here are some ideas how to make it extra special.

In a DIY teabag

Make your own heart shaped tea bags from paper tea filters. Use medium or big size filters and cut out the heart shape. Using a needle, sew the stitches around the edge but leave the tip of the hearth open. Fill it with one teaspoon of your partner’s favorite tea, then finish stitching. Alternatively, place the tea leaves in the filter first, then sew the stitches making a heart shape and cut out the tea bag. You can add a personalised label too.

In a sealed with love envelope

Add something extra to your Valentine’s day card. Choose a smaller card and envelope to fit one teaspoon of your partner’s favorite tea leaves. Write the card and put it in the envelope together with tea leaves. Place it on a saucer next to a cup and strainer.

With a heart on top

Lattes are perfect for creating personalized messages or shapes. Cut out the heart shape from paper or cardboard and use it as a stencil for dusting latte with cocoa or raspberry powder. Use beetroot, blueberry or cranberry powder as alternatives.

Food to serve with tea

As the saying goes, the way to any person’s heart is through the stomach. And on Valentine’s Day, even chocolate can be a great breakfast option.

Tea sandwiches

The best food to serve with any tea are, without a doubt, delicious finger sandwiches. Make them with fresh heart shaped bread. They are easy to make and you can choose any filling you want. For a sweet option, try butter and strawberry marmalade. Smoked salmon and cream cheese or fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs and mayonnaise, or cheese and ham.

White chocolate truffles with strawberries

What would a Valentines day be without sweet treats? Take chocolate covered strawberries to another level and make your own truffles with fresh cream cheese and fresh strawberries in the middle. Cut strawberries into pieces to fit into a bite-size truffle. Dip them in white chocolate and put in the freezer or fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Fruit basket

Fruit basket full of fresh fruits is the best way to start any day. To make it more special, make a fruit arrangement with your partner’s favorite fruit. Wash it, peel if you need and cut. If you feel even more creative, you can make fruit bouquets and gift them instead of flowers. You will need wooden skewers, a vase, and enough fruit to make a bouquet. Cut the fruit into flower shapes of different sizes and attach to a skewer. Add them to a vase half-filled with water. Fill the gaps with mint. Need more ideas for hosting a Valentine’s Day Tea Party? Find them here.

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