How to Host a Valentine's Day Tea Party

Jan 31, 2020
February is finally here, and it surely brings more opportunities to be festive and celebratethis time love. Even if you are not a Valentine’s Day person, or don’t have a soul mate to spend it with, dedicate this day to yourself and your friends. As a matter of fact, if Valentine’s Day is a day to show affection, neither friends nor tea should be left out. Valentine’s Day can be a great reason to host a tea party and spend a fun day tasting teas with friends.

How to find an inspiration for a Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Traditional afternoon tea or cream tea with scones, clotted cream and a pot of good tea may serve as a great starting point for organizing your Valentine’s Day Tea Party. While the traditional afternoon tea includes finger sandwiches, scones and other cakes, cream tea is all about scones and tea. Of course, a glass of champagne or sparkling wine is always welcomed.

Invite people you love

Make a Valentine’s Day Tea Party small and a private one, for the people you appreciate in your life. Putting an effort into organizing a tea party is one of the best ways to tell them how much they mean to you. If possible, make invitation cards and send them by post, or use email. Set the time that is most suited for everyone. Tea parties can be formal or informal, so feel free to set a dress code too. The best time is between early or late afternoon, especially if you plan to serve a lot of food.

Prepare food

Start preparing food in advance and cut all ingredients for sandwiches a night before. Most cakes will stay fresh if you bake them a day or two sooner. Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Here are some ideas for the party food:
  • Heart shaped finger tea sandwiches
  • Cream cheese with strawberry or raspberry powder covered in melted white chocolate
  • Fresh tea scones and strawberry champagne jam and clotted cream
  • Small cheese tarts decorated with a dry rose bud
  • White chocolate brownies
  • Red velvet fudge

Make a gift to take home

A linen tea bag filled with one serving of tea decorated with a small wooden heart is the most delicious handmade tea gift you could give. Another tasty alternative is a homemade chocolate praline with cream cheese infused with flavored black tea and strawberry powder wrapped in a paper tea filter. Sounds complicated? It isn’t, especially because you will be making it for the people you truly care about.

Choose the perfect teaware

Tea parties are the best occasion to take out the best teaware, and Valentine’s Day Tea Party is no different. In fact, you want to give your guests an afternoon to enjoy and remember. Wash the teapot, tea cups and plates and arrange a table before they arrive.


Don’t forget nice decorations too. There is no better scent than the scent of fresh flowers. Although roses are usually associated with Valentine’s Day, feel free to choose lilies, narcissus, tulips and seasonal flowers that are easily available. The goal is to make environment enjoyable and relaxed, and what is more relaxing and enjoyable than a room full of fresh seasonal flowers? Get nice napkins and mini pink hearts sprinkles for the table. Don’t forget about water pitcher and glasses too. Make it more formal by choosing champagne glasses as add a few rosebuds into the pitcher with water. Let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours before your guests arrive.

Give a choice of tea

Some teas are as made for a Valentine’s Day Tea Party. You can’t go wrong with delicious chocolate flavors or sophisticated rose notes.
  1. Rose Grey is an Earl grey alternative with rose petals, lavender, rosemary and more delicate bergamot note. This tea contains caffeine.
  2. Blue Lady Grey is another alternative to a stronger Earl Grey, with delicate lavender, blue mallow flowers and bergamot note. This tea is gentle, but contains caffeine.
  3. Simple Strawberry Herbal and Simple Strawberry Black teasValentine’s Day and strawberries go hand in hand, which doesn’t surprise at all. Although there is no scientific proof to back this claim, strawberries have been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries. The best part, we don’t need any scientific proof to know how delicious they are, and how delicious a strawberry tea can be.
  4. PITTA Herbal tea is based on Ayurveda, but don’t let the name turn you off. This tea has wonderful flowery notes, gentle taste and a minty finish. It contains no caffeine, but may give enough refreshment and energy.
  5. Pecan Pralinefor the unforgettable Valentine’s Day Tea Party, chocolates are a must, even in the form of tea. Pecan Praline is a soft, sweet and nutty blend of South Indian black tea and pecan nuts.
  6. Simple Raspberry tea is a black tea blend that can easily be described as a raspberry tart in a cup. It’s a perfect tea time tea that can go well with milk, sugar, honey, pure, or even as iced tea.
  7. Crème Brulee oolongfor those that like to drink oolong teas, Crème Brulee is a blend of oolong tea, almonds, cinnamon chips and jasmine flowers.
  8. Midnight Rosea truly unique blend of roses, rose hips, vanilla and black and green tea. This unusual blend brews into a cup reminiscent of a dew-soaked morning in a rose garden, a worthy experience for a Valentine’s Day Tea Party.

Make brewing more fun

Make tea brewing more fun by offering a choice of blending their own Valentine's Day Tea! Put a simple black afternoon tea (or a decaf one) and dried rose petals in a separate small tea container. If possible, prepare a separate small teapots or brewing cups for each guest. Giving them a choice to add an extra flavor by adding a teaspoon or two of rose buds to the regular afternoon tea, you will undoubtedly bring a smile to their face. Don’t forget to put a jug with milk and a bowl of sugar too.

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