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Great tea

I bought 6 different types of tea and this was one of them. The only regret is I bought 4 ounces each instead of 1 ounce and and freshness will be key in the end. My bad

Simply delicious

Probably my favorite green tea I've tried!

Morning pick me up

I add just a touch of lemon and it puts me in the best place to conquer the day!

Fantastic. Really the perfect balance of black tea, citrus, and floral

Great healing tea

We love this healer tea, we have noticed calming effects and overall great taste

Winter's Brew for Any Time

Love it! A mild and pleasant taste. I'm going to try cold brewing it, too.

Very aromatic teas, tea strainer is meh

So far, I have only tried the tropical black. It smells amazing, but it doesn't taste much like mango. The tea strainer is cute (though the artificial pink is a bit off putting), but sometimes bits of tea escape it. I love that it comes with a little plate on the bottom to hold it though. Overall, not bad!

Tea Samples Kit - Starter, Essential, Plus, or Deluxe Tea Samples Kit plus Silicone & Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

Nice starter kit, but pricey

The teas in the kit are good, but for the amount of tea, you can certainly get a better deal. The infuser is nice, and I like the flavors of tea :)

Not very tasteful-hard to discern the strawberry or the coconut

This is my favorite - my all around go-to..

I simply love this tea. It’s good any time of day, or evening. Sometimes I add a little extra of my home grown pear-mint to it. I am crazy about mint tea, lol. But this one is at the top of my list. There’s several that are close seconds - but nobody passes it.

In love forever

This was one of my very first teas purchased from SLL teas. I try to buy some every time it comes back in stock. I … kinda broke up with Earl Grey after meeting Blue Lady Grey. It’s more refined, a bit lighter. So good to enjoy all on its own. Doesn’t need cream or sweetener although that’s definitely an option.

Can’t be without this one!

I love this tea. It is as light or as earthy as you want it - just adjust the amount and brew time. I fell in love with the first sip. It’s - green - not like green tea, but like fresh young herbs, and has a grassy scent. It’s just clean. And it’s great as an after dinner tea.

A new favorite

This one is added to my list of regulars. Got a sample pack and took it camping. Gone in no time. It is everything it says it is. A tea for summer nights - it goes well with the stars!

It’s good, but..

This is a really good tea. I have nothing negative to say except there are others I like better. I gave some to my niece and she loved it. Give it a try!

Tea samples

This was a very nice welcome gift. I am enjoying the tea samples, especially.

Perfect for morning or afternoon

I love the flavor, and the caffeine is just subtle enough for both. Great taste. One of my favorites from Simple Loose Leaf.

The BEST Green Tea I've Tried

I have had a hard time developing a love for green tea. I'm a black tea girl, but this one had me invested when I opened the package and experienced the delicious fragrance. The flavor is light and fruity with a gentle vanilla note while lacking the overly herbacious flavor of plain green tea. It's a very pleasant and enjoyable cup that is winning me over to healthy green tea after all!

Tea Samples Kit - Starter, Essential, Plus, or Deluxe Tea Samples Kit plus Silicone & Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

My new favorite nighttime tea!

As a diabetic, I avoid carbs as much as possible. The Creme Brulee Oolong tea gives me a beautiful cup of tea that tastes sweet, but isn't affecting my blood sugar. This tea is so smooth and has a nice creamy mouth feel. I've have been using it as a 'dessert' tea...okay...I've brewed a few cups in the daytime as well! Yummy!

Simple, mildly sweet and restorative

I have enjoyed every cup brewed of simple raspberry herbal. It is delicious both hot and iced, though I think there is something special about it hot. Every time I've brewed some at the office, someone has commented on how good it smells and asked for some!

Love my Blood Orange

If you like a light refreshing taste that is smooth with blood orange flavor. I find it wonderful for break time.

3 Mo Tea Gift (Non-Renewing)
Kimber K. (Minnesota)

Great stuff!

Delicious and Caffeine Free

I love this tea - it is my favorite caffeine-free tea now. I usually am not a big fan of Rooibos, but paired with the vanilla and bergamot it is really amazing.