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Every sip was a delight, highly recommend. Very sweet taste and quite soothing. Will be ordering more.

One of my favorites!

This is one of the four teas my husband and I look forward to every morning!

Beautiful Jar!

The jar is amazing and the lid fits perfectly! And regarding the tea, I don’t usually like herbal tea, but I actually like this one.

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Desi H. (Texas)
Cute teapot and great customer service

This is a really cute teapot and handy for brewing a quick couple of cups of loose tea. Unfortunately, the glass got a stress crack in the bottom of the pot when I poured the hot water into it for the first time. However, It still works and it is not noticeable. On another note, I have to compliment the customer service when I contacted them when I had a question about my order. They were very helpful and quick to answer.

Very good!

I like this tea and its unique flavors, which lifts it above the usual Earl Grey. I've been using it to make cups of London Fog. I just got a packet to give to my sister. I appreciate that the company does not charge an arm and a leg to ship this very light product.


This tea has great cherry flavor! And it is also a nice soothing tea. Tastes great with some added honey.

Wife likes

Good tea.

Subscription Tea Review

I have received my first shipment of samplers of loose tea. It has been fun sampling them with my daughters! I love that the samples I received are decaffeinated in that I drink my tea at night! Each sample packet comes with enough to make several cups! My favorite so far is the Lavender and Camomile Blend!

Overall very good!

A good mix of green, herbal, and black teas. I enjoyed them very much!

I Keep Coming Back!

I’m so glad that I discovered the pecan praline through a subscription gifted to me. I am originally from Texas and thought I was the familiar with all things praline! Strong, flavorful black teas are my jam. I acted quickly and ordered two eight- ounce packets when I found that it had come back into stock, as I don’t want to be without.

Not a favorite

Bit to much essrntial oil for me. Some bitterness and after taste


Great mouth feel, no bitterness or after taste. Blackberry presence in taste and pieces in tea. So worth trying. On my reorder list

Great tea, great customer service

I’ve been gifting this monthly tea service to my sister for three years now and they have been amazing. She raves about the tea every month and recently there was 1 tea missing from a package and they sent out a whole new package with four teas to her and a replacement! Great company :)

I found it! My beloved flavor!

With a local tea lounge closing soon, I panicked when I was faced with not having my favorite flavor of all time, raspberry vanilla mint. I frantically searched online and found this website. I ordered it, and when it arrived made some tea. It's the one! I found it! I my heart is happy. If you've never tried this flavor, you are missing out. This is the best tea I have ever had. I know our tastes are all different, but this is literally sunshine and summer in a glass for me. Each and every time. You won't be disappointed!!


This is my second favorite tea, it doesn't even need honey


I had this tea at a holiday party and loved it. I ordered it and it is still my favorite tea

Something Truly Special!

I LOVE this tea. Shared it with a good friend over Christmas vacation and it took our afternoon chat to another level, like a celebration! Beautiful bergamot notes, but the lavender makes this tea transcendent!


love my tea pot and love my tea I ordered will order again. Thanks

Very good.

Very flavorful in a cold brew. Appealing this time of year.

A fun tea to change it up

I REALLY like this tea. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I agree with the description that it is similar to a chai. The combination of cloves and black peppercorns is really tasty. Maybe a good way to get a little extra turmeric into the diet as well.

My Favorite Morning Tea

This tea has become one of my favorites. It's so smooth and has subtle and complimentary flavors that work together to make a masterpiece. Previously I've had bad experiences with oolong teas but decided to try this when I got it as part of my monthly deliveries. It's the first one that I've ordered in the four ounce pack and I'm quickly working my way though it again. I'll be ordering it again soon.

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Vickie A. (Washington)

I was gifted the Herbal tea of the month for a couple of years. This year I am gifting it to myself, and am trying the variety teas.


I was looking for a dragonwell green tea and this one didnt disappoint! Will be buying again!!

Ice tea goodness

I make all my teas as ice tea now, using the cold brew method. This tea is a *peach• 😁 of a tea! Very good, and flavorful. I think the ginger makes the difference over just a peach tea.
I bought the one oz first, to try it, and on the second pitcher I added some of the simple peach black tea I had, picking out the dried peaches to amp the flavor, and also added a few nuggets of crystalized ginger. That brought up the flavors on the second pitcher with the original leaves.

Nice for a change

We are coming to this from the usual store bought herbal teas. They are nice, but it’s hard to beat fresh loose leaf, especially this rooibos. It’s smooth with a touch of sweet, just what the doctor orders first thing in the morning.