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Tea Samples Subscription
Nicole J. (Texas)
Delicious and Fun!

The teas I’ve received are excellent and well worth the price!!! I’m excited to get a new box every month and have given a subscription as a gift. It’s so much fun to get to try 4 new amazing teas each month :)


I have a huge collection of Simple Loose Leaf tea! A sample subscription from dear friends. So far I have ordered about 6 large containers! I have loved each and everyone. You have a fantastic company and I am a loyal client now. Thank you so much. The highest quality and totally enjoyable! I have purchased some for friends as gifts and they have been very pleased.

Amazing tea

I thought I loved tea before, now I’m obsessed!

6 Mo Tea Gift (Non-Renewing)
Paggie K. (California)

6 Mo Tea Gift (Non-Renewing)

Tea Samples Subscription
Julia S. (Maryland)
Good Variety!

This was a very fun subscription to get. I liked all the flavors!

3 Mo Tea Gift (Non-Renewing)

Full of Spice

This is simply the best chai tea I've found. I make it by brewing for 5 minutes and adding steamed milk and sugar. The perfect latte.

Very Flavorful

The second time I brewed this tea it was so spicy I decided to use less to brew it to my liking. A very full bodied tea that hits the spot!

Raspberry vanilla mint tea

Makes an amazing iced tea. I only added a dash of raspberry syrup and it’s a house favorite.👍

Fresh Orange flavor, but a little too simple

After years of drinking orange spice tea from a tea bag company, my taste buds demanded a little more complexity -- so I added a piece of clove when steeping Simple Orange Black. That did the trick!

Rose Grey Tea

This is definitely one my faves from Simple Loose Leaf. It is a light and smooth black tea with a subtle hint of floral, not overpowering at all!

Tea Samples Subscription
Benjamin A. (Maryland)

Was a good variety of tea. Was hoping to get a little bit more in terms of advice for the art of drinking tea - e.g., how exactly to drink loose-leaf tea, what to look out for.

Tea Samples Subscription
Margaret L. (Washington)

I prefer green tea samples. If there was an ability to request only green teas, that would be my choice.

Banger tea

Cancelled my black tea subscription box because all I want to drink is this. It's a combination of amazing flavors, marshmallow, cocoa, and cinnamon, wrapped up in a black tea package. I'm buying a container as we speak.

3 Mo Tea Gift (Non-Renewing)
Constance W. (Oregon)
Grandson loves the tea!

Sent the 3 month subscription to my 14 year old grandson, he loves it. He is a foodie that enjoys a good cup of tea with his creations. A win-win!

Delicious Grey Tea

Ordered another sample packet for a far my favorite tea ever!!

Blood Orange Tea - Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free - Light and Earthy

Very good tea

It tasted very good! I wish I had bought a bigger portion! I will definitely be getting more.


The tea taste very smooth and high quality! It’s one of the best tea I had so far.

Simple Earl Grey Tea - Black Tea - High Caffeine - Sweet & Citrus

Morning's Oolong Tea - Oolong Tea - Low Caffeine - Lemon & Basil

Light and Refreshing

This is perfect for a summer day. The light cucumber and lemon tastes are very refreshing. I enjoyed this hot and cold, and sometimes with a dash of sugar

Strong and Rich

A very robust tea with the taste of caramel. I preferred it plain, with a teaspoon of sugar, or a little bit of honey. I usually add milk to my black teas but didn't care for the taste of milk with this one

Wonderful for cold-brewed iced tea

I'm enjoying Simple Peach Black so much iced that I haven't tried it hot yet.