Anise Pear - Premium Loose Leaf Green Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Sweet & Fresh - USA Hand Packaged

Sweet like candy is the first thing that will come to mind when you open this tea. But don’t be fooled. This tea offers a depth of spirit that isn’t to be taken lightly. The anise and elderberries in this tea will carry this tea to a lovely place. And Anise isn’t your “cup of tea” normally, give this tea a try. It doesn’t overpower the other ingredients in the way Anise can in other teas.

Anise Pear is a tea that offers the subtle sweetness of a pear with the richer and darker notes of anise and oranges. A fun tea that is a very different take on green tea. A tea that will be a joy to experience.

Ingredients: Young Hyson Green Tea, Dried Apple Chunks, All Natural Flavor, Orange Peel Pieces, Freeze-Dried Elderberries, Whole Cloves, Marigold Petals