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Guranse Estate Green Tea - Green Tea - High Caffeine - Light & Sweet

Guranse Estate Green is an organic green tea from the Dhankuta region of Nepal. This tea specific is considered an Orthodox tea from Nepal because it is a hand rolled whole leaf tea. Nepal has a much smaller tea production base and hence it is much less common in the western markets. It is commonly compared to tea from the Darjeeling region of India due to the geography and the topology of the easter zones of Nepal.

In this tea you will find a smooth, bright, and slightly dry experience with very light sweet aromatics. If you enjoy Darjeeling green teas then Nepalese green teas should be a great addition to your collection.

Ingredients: Exquisite organic green tea from Nepal

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Guranse Estate Green Tea





Although this tea gives an impression of a stronger, bitter tea, it brews into a light and refreshing cup. High altitudes teas are prized for their complexity and freshness. Smooth, a bit vegetal and a bit smoky flavor with lighter floral top notes, dry finish and long sweet aftertaste. No bitterness, even if you over-brew it.


Slightly smoky top note with a deep floral and honey body.


Exquisite organic green tea from Nepal


Small twisted dark olive green leaves with white tips.


Use one or two teaspoons per cup of water. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 170°F with fresh spring water. Use a regular teapot or a tea infuser.


Drink hot or serve over ice. Try it neat and re-steep to enjoy flavor nuances. Perfect on a bright and sunny morning instead of coffee, iced in summer or hot and neat on a gloomy afternoon.


Chicken dishes and chocolate.



tea origin

Nepal is one of the smaller, but very significant tea producers. Although tea production in Nepal started over 160 years ago, Nepalese tea is still not widely available. Nepalese tea is used in blends, and the most produced type is black. 

Guranse Estate green organic tea comes from Guranse Estate in Dhankuta, Eastern Nepal. This Himalayan tea is produced on high altitudes and has a very specific and rich flavor.

ingredients insights:

Guranse Estate Green is a pure, unblended orthodox hand-rolled organic whole leaf tea from Nepal. Because of the proximity to Indian Darjeeling, Nepalese teas have a similar flavor profile. However, although similar, they offer a whole different drinking experience.

 Nepalese teas are grown on high altitudes, sometimes even higher than 6600 feet. Not only are these areas more difficult to access, but they provide ideal terroir for growing organic, pure and fresh tea. Guranse Estate Green is an orthodox tea, produced using traditional methods.

Guranse Estate Green Tea FAQS

Guranse is a Nepali word for rhododendron, a national flower of Nepal. It’s also the name of the tea estate growing this exquisite green tea. Just like Guranse Estate tea, Nepalese rhododendrons also grow on high altitudes. Guranse Estate is a certified organic and award-winning estate located in Eastern Nepal, producing mostly black tea.

Green tea is the second most consumed type of real tea, and is often considered the healthiest type because of the high levels of catechins. The most important catechin in green tea is EGCG. Green tea is processed differently than black tea. Once harvested, tea leaves are usually withered, then steamed or pan fired. This step stops the oxidation process and preserves the color, flavor, and benefits. Next, leaves are rolled and dried. It can have a range of flavors – from very light and grassy to strong and smoky, toasty and nutty or floral.


Guranse Estate Green Tea - Green Tea - High Caffeine - Light & Sweet