Lemon Mint Herbal Tea - Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free - Citrus Flavor

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In the truest sense of the words, Lemon and Mint are the core pillars of this tea. A wonderful citrus flavor with the cooling effect of mint will leave you feeling refreshed and calm all at the same time.

Brew this tea hot with a spot of honey or do a cold brew in your favorite reusable water bottle for a jog or at work. Lemon Mint Herbal is a simple, yet very versatile tisane tea.

Brew 2 tsp at 212F for 3 to 5+ minutes

Ingredients: Lemon peel, mint leaves, Lemon Myrtle and lemon flavor

Customer Reviews

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Christine O.
Can't go back

I never imagine how well lemon and mint would go together. I'm not the biggest fan of lemon tea unless I have a soar throat and mint tea is okay for a stuffy nose but Lemon Mint tea. Not only do you have something that good for the winter cold but even something you enjoy drinking. I got Lemon mint in an sample package. I loved it. So much so that later when I received a lemon citrus type tea it felt like it was lacking something and I wasn't enjoying it as much. I realized it was lacking the mint that gave it a sorta menthol feeling and I really enjoyed. So here I am at the shop ordering me some.

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