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Step into the world of Bancha green tea, a delightful Japanese brew with a unique character that dances on the taste buds. Harvested from the late summer to early autumn leaves, Bancha boasts a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart in the green tea realm. This tea is celebrated for its earthy and mildly astringent notes, creating a harmonious balance that reflects the essence of the changing seasons. Bancha is the unsung hero of Japanese teas, often overshadowed by its more prestigious counterparts, yet its accessible nature and comforting taste make it a beloved choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a daily dose of tranquility.

The leaves used to create Bancha are typically larger and more mature, contributing to its distinct flavor profile. As a result, Bancha offers a gentle infusion that carries hints of straw and a subtle smokiness, creating a cup that is both familiar and comforting. Whether enjoyed as a soothing beverage to unwind or as a companion to a contemplative moment, Bancha green tea invites you to savor the simplicity and charm that the Japanese tea culture effortlessly weaves into every cup.

Ingredients: Green tea.
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan


This tea is fulfilled by our partner company Tea Runners. It's the same delicious tea from your Simple Loose Leaf subscription and fulfilled from the same warehouse. 

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