Morning's Oolong Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Oolong Tea (4 oz) - Low Caffeine - Lemon & Basil


Morning’s Oolong is so named because it uses a lower caffeine content oolong tea. It will help you gently start your day without the harsh kick of caffeine. Or due to the lower caffeine content, you can drink it later at night without it keeping you up all night.

When you first open your Morning’s Oolong you’ll find a powerful presence of lemon and “something”. The “something” is the basil leaf used in this blended oolong. It provides a wonderfully unique nose to this tea by offering the scent of a fresh herb garden to you. But when brewing this tea becomes a lovely and mellow cup of oolong tea. You’ll find a smooth lemon zest flavor along with the fresh notes of the basil. All built around the light and slightly nutty base of oolong tea.

Ingredients: Low Caffeine BT Oolong Tea, Marigold Petals, Lemon Peel, Basil Leaf, All Natural Flavor

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