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Simple Peach Herbal Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (4 oz) - Caffeine Free - Sweet and Fresh - 60 Cups

Simple Peach Black is one of our new “Simple” teas.  It features the wonderful scent of fresh peaches and the newly turned earth.  The South African Rooibos and the all-natural peach flavors of this tea make this a bright and sunshine-filled tea.

We’ve added this lovely tea to our selections as it captures the joy of spring.  The simple pleasure of sitting in the sun with a cool breeze blowing. Perfection!

Brew @ 212°F using 2-3 grams per cup for 3 minutes

Ingredients: Rooibos Herbal Tea, Dried Papaya Pieces, All Natural Flavor, Sunflower Petals